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About Us

We started out around 2003, a group of friends into music, sound equipment, partying and generally into good vibes. We've been living positivity & good energy since we can remember, wayyy before memes & Instagram even existed! Like any business we've had our fair share of ups and downs, we've survived recessions and pandemics, but most importantly we continue to create beautiful memories with our clients.


All these years later we've gained this wealth of experience in the events industry, learning lots along the way and we're still learning even up to this day.  We're still the same group of friends with the addition of some new talented DJs discovered along the journey. 

For us this isn't a job, it's our lifestyle. It goes without saying that we absolutely love music, love entertaining and love creating memories! We love the influence music has to bring people together; reminding them of memories that seem a lifetime ago as well as giving them the gift to make new ones. We thrive on the enjoyment of others and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients seizing a moment that they will hold forever.


 Positivity  |  Love  |  Passion  |  Energy  |  Gratitude

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